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Brokk 250

The Brokk 250, first developed in the mid-1970s, remains a powerful combination of reliable technology and continuous development which has underpinned the Brokks reputation worldwide.

Unlike other members of the Brokk family, the 250 rides on rubber wheels, (although it can also utilise tracks as required). This makes it especially suitable for tasks where the state of the foundation requires extra consideration.

Thanks to the three-part robot arm, the Brokk has an extraordinary working radius. The machine also has a low centre of gravity and strong support legs that keep it steady, even when the arm is fully extended.

The Brokk 250 utilises a range of attachments, - hydraulic hammers, concrete crushers, drilling equipment, different types of buckets and more!

The Brokk 250 is ideal for demolition projects within the construction, cement, nuclear and processing industries making it a one size fits all solution for remote demolition tasks.

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